Custom fitted seat covers, designed by you 1000's of combinations.... What's yours?For Cars, Vans and Trucks

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Fitting Service

Here at Seatskinz we have in excess of 6500+ digital patterns of which we can make any Seatskinz configuration for, and with this being said it can be appreciated that the installation of Seatskinz will differ from vehicle to vehicle. So to help our customers we have also developed a montage of videos that show how to fit your Seatskinz into your make and model of vehicle rather than a universal installation video, which more often than not may not be applicable to the type of vehicle that they are being installed.

With our products ‘Fitting like SKIN’ and being nothing like a universal seat cover, the installation time for an individual to fit a 5 seat configuration may vary from 2 hours to 3 hours depending on the competence of the person doing the install, and as a business we also understand that the demands and responsibilities of everyday life may not allow our customers the time needed to fit the product to their vehicle.

So we also offer an 'FITTING SERVICE' which can be done in a number of ways, so that it is always convenient for our customers and has; as little or in most cases no disruption at whole to their time and plans, and no vehicle down time unlike a conventional re-trim.

Our trained and experienced fitters can install your Seatskinz while you are in work, while shopping or even while you are at home, as well as having a fitting service at the HQ office in Wigan. Our fitters will fit a set of Seatskinz in around 2 hours for a 5 seat configuration (Again each vehicle varies).

Using our fitting service you can have peace of mind that we have the correct insurance to be working on your vehicle, the fitter is also correctly insured for working off site. All our products are TUV certified for the Airbags correct triggering and does not void the warranty on your vehicle by using the product. For more information on the testing and certification of our products please Click Here

Qualities to expect from any member of Seatskinz Staff and our products are:-

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Care & Diligence
  • Precision
  • Friendliness

Private Installation Prices

@ Wigan Office £50 +VAT
@ Off site UK fitting at 0.56p / mile + installation at £50 + VAT £50 + Milage + VAT