Custom fitted seat covers, designed by you 1000's of combinations.... What's yours?For Cars, Vans and Trucks

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The offered warranty is of 3 years (unique thing on the profile market) and this covers the eventual breakages or the accidental disentanglements of the car seat covers. These auto covers, manufactured according to the digital pattern of your car, are made from fireproof material, they do not charge with static electricity and do not bleach, being resistant to a continuing friction with other textile materials and to the UV sun beams.

If the client is not satisfied with the product, he has the right to return it in a 30 days term beginning with the date of the parcel’s delivery. After having received the parcel and verified its original condition, without noticing any damages or defects, Seatskinz UK is obliged to reimburse the client with the amount paid for the covers in a 30 days term, excepting the delivery charges.

The manufacturing process

The seat covers commercialised by our company are manufactured according to the digital patterns of the car series and they can be distinguished by a various number of models, both for normal seats as for sport ones too. A team of professionals measures with carefulness each and every detail of the seats, thus conceiving the digital patterns which further on will be introduced in a complex database. Once they have been introduced, these patterns are used at any time when there is an order.

The process of ordering is composed by some very simple but essential steps for the quality of the product: the materials are cut with a laser precision of 0.2 mm, being sewn with a special thread which assures the airbag’s triggering in the case of an impact. Once the seat covers manufactured, they are packed up and the parcel is sent towards expedition.

Due to the digital patterns, the cover moulds perfectly to the seat, the product being identical with the car’s original upholstery, without noticing any differences! The process of ordering is also very simple: due to the existence of the digital patterns, the clients must only send us some pictures with their car’s interior and according to this we will pick the corresponding pattern in order to manufacture the custom car seat covers.